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The Mostly Peacefully Aside From The Violence leftists (according to the media) dropped their "No Hate" shields just long enough to beat the hell out of innocent minorities for merely supporting the President

And last sentence of an article should be noted and repeated:
"Democrats have been largely silent on the Antifa movement which continues to get a free pass from the complicit media."
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Вчера случайно увидел кусочек новостей о Прайд параде в Торонто, в котором показали короткие интервью с премьером Каанды Джастином Трюдо и мэром Торонто Джоном Тори. Тори ответил на вопрос по поводу того, что полицейским запретили появляться на параде в форме. А Трюдо на фоне радужных флагов поздравил мусульман с окончанием Рамадана.
Это только мне так кажется, что это поздравление было в данном случае несколько не к месту?..
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When I was a boy - some forty years ago - I was very sensible to teasers. And one of my classmates used it. Not that he thought bad of me, he just wanted to make fun - in his understanding. But I have been offended and tried to chase him (without much luck).
It took years for me to change an attitude, and not last of thing which helped me is Russian proverb I quoted in post title: Though call me a pot, just don't put me in the oven ("Хоть горшком назови, только в печь не ставь"). Now I only smile (yes, sometimes it's a sad smile) when someone calls me names; doesn't matter whether it's teasing or an attempt to offend or insult. I just put "check mark" on his account in memory and correct my opinion about that person.
Words does not mean much. More important what people think about you. And even that irrelevant if they treat you properly. E.g. I am not interested in what think about me waiter in restaurant or bus driver - if they do they job and do not separate people based on skin color, language, religion, gender and so on.
For me it's pretty obvious that best protection against insults is one's own attitude. Of course it's better when nobody is trying to offend other people, however all attempts to ban particular "insulting" words in this case are futile - as long as all efforts are limited to words. Find reason of the phenomenon (in our case - hatred), think about ways to eliminate it - than it may have worked. And till there are people who want to insult you using some "bad" words - do not do what they are expecting of you, do not be insulted, keep culm. Eventually all those words tell more about "offender" than about "insulted".
That's what I think we should teach children to: be smart and strong instead of looking around for signs of insult and hiding in "safe zones".

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May. 25th, 2017 10:39 am
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One of the most stupid thing in politics is the movement against Cultural Appropriation.
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I am angry.
I tried to check whether Canada provides any help to Israel in connection with fires. Simple query on google: "Canada Israel help fire".
You know what I've found?
"Israeli aid for Louisiana flood and Canada fire victims" - Aug 24, 2016.
"Canada's Fort McMurray fire victims aided by Jewish and Israeli groups" - May 9, 2016.
Nothing about sending help now to Israel.
Mr.Trudeau, why Canada has money to give to Arabs in Gaza but does not have something to help victims of arson in Haifa?

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